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Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and every other Saturday 9am - noon

We accept cash, credit/debit cards, pre-approved local checks and Care Credit for payment.

Dr. Liane Underwood

Who we are:

I’m a local girl, having spent much of my childhood tromping about in the woods around Old Forge at my Grandparent’s camp. My husband, Pat, is a local boy from Rome. We live on the Moose River here in Lyons Falls in a little cabin we built next to the river – our favorite place! We are experienced whitewater kayakers and paddle the Moose regularly. We love the Northcountry, and enjoy gardening, hiking, snowshoeing, fishing and hunting as well as paddling.

I graduated from veterinary school in 1996 and have lots of experience over the years to make Little Friends the very best choice to care for your pet. I’m experienced in preventative care, internal medicine, behavior medicine, surgery and emergency care for both dogs and cats. I have a special interest in feline medical, surgical, behavioral and dental issues with advanced training in these topics. At Little Friends, we also care for “exotic” pets such as reptiles, small mammals and birds.

Doctor Amaral in Uniform

What makes us different:

We offer the very best care for your pet in a stress-free environment. We have a small, quiet office and take one appointment at a time so you and your pet can focus on your visit, not worry about other animals or people in a crowded waiting area. We have a child-friendly office with a toy table so your children can have a fun visit and you don’t need to worry about what they are up to! We focus on what is best for you and your pet – offering options for all budgets. You will always have the same doctor to care for your pet so we always know what’s going on and we do our best to get to know the families who come to us. We give you the time you and your pet deserve, one-on-one, with knowledge and care in a pleasant environment. We support our community with donations to school and community causes – we love our baseball and softball teams! – and we enjoy taking part in community events. Little Friends is YOUR small-town veterinarian!

“We offer local housecalls to Lyons Falls, Port Leyden, Lowville, C’ville, and Boonville. If you are out of this area, contact us for availability.”

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Services We Offer

  • Care for pets of all ages – from new pet care to senior pet care.
  • We offer care for cats, dogs, small mammals, birds and reptiles – even fish!
  • Preventative health care including: 
    • Examinations – annual wellness exams or if your pet is not feeling well
    • Vaccinations including Rabies and Distemper for both dogs and cats; Lyme, Leptosporosis and Kennel cough for your dog; and Feline Leukemia for your cat
    • Parasite prevention including flea and tick preventatives for your dog and cat; and heartworm preventatives for your dog
    • Laboratory testing including stool and urine testing, heartworm and Lyme testing, feline leukemia/FIV testing, and all types of blood tests.
  • Care for new pets, like puppies and kittens to provide a life-long plan of health and wellness
  • Care for senior pets with a focus on prevention and treatment of disease common to older pets
  • Diagnosis and management of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, skin conditions and more.
  • Special focus on feline behavior issues – we offer behavioral consultations for cats for problems such as inappropriate elimination (not using the litter box) and aggression.
  • End of life care

Surgical Services:

We offer surgical services for cats including spaying and neutering, as well as more advanced surgery and dental services for cats. For your dog, we will prepare him/her for his procedure by ensuring preventative health care and wellness or diagnostic care is current, then refer to local colleagues for surgery. We do not provide surgical services for dogs at our facility.

Emergency Services:

We are a single-doctor practice and do not routinely offer after-hours emergency services. We recommend Veterinary Medical Center of Central New York (www.vmccny.com, 315-446-7933), Beaver Meadow Veterinary Clinic (315-896-2658), Countryside Veterinary Clinic (315-376-6563) or Marcy Veterinary Clinic (315-570-6779). Current clients may contact us through Facebook Messenger after hours and we will respond if we are available.

Spay Neuter Now:

Dr. Underwood partners with Spay Neuter Now to offer low cost spay and neuter services for dogs and cats for income qualified families. For cats, we offer this service for qualified families right at our office. For dogs, mobile clinics are provided in Lewis and Jefferson at other locations. The application must be submitted to Spay Neuter Now and qualified families will be contacted to schedule their pets. Click on the link for more information and to print or submit the application.

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